This is why
we contribute*

* Look around. Our planet is precious,
we need to take care of it.

The Oberalp Handbook

We are mountain lovers,
and we develop products for mountain lovers. And we want to make them responsibly. But our mission doesn’t just belong to us. It belongs to our consumers, athletes, owners and employees. It belongs to you too. We want to share our achievements with you, but we also want to tell you how you can contribute.

Here are some tips
we want to share
with you.


Buy consciously.

A main priority at Oberalp is the health and wellbeing of everyone that makes our products – not
just our own employees.

Our responsibility is not only linked to the physical product you purchase, but to everything that comes with it too.

This includes working conditions in factories that manufacture the products, the wellbeing of the local communities in which we work and live and the impact we have on nature, including animals and the mountains.

All our suppliers must respect our code of conduct, which outlines the basic rules for an ethical and safe workplace. We visit and monitor factories regularly to ensure these standards are respected, we conduct trainings in the factories to empower workers, we follow-up on any open issue or case and every year the expert organization Fair Wear Foundation checks on us to make sure we are walking our talk. Make sure to buy from brands who are open and transparent about their work. Brands that you trust.

» Look beyond the
“made in” label

Just looking at the “made in” label is not enough. The country of production does not define the quality of products. It is the type of supplier, the way they work and the relationship we have with them that matters. Get informed and ask about our high quality standards.

Change comes when people come first

We produce globally and we choose our production partners very carefully. About 48% of our production is in Europe, the remaining 52% is in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Our high production standards are the same for each and every one of our suppliers. We test our products and production processes to ensure they meet our strict quality and chemical standards

We monitor, audit and visit factories to check on working conditions and we follow-up on all issues that are raised. We are open about our work because you have the right to be informed and buy from the brands you trust. Check out Salewa‘s transparency page at

» Question what is inside your product

Go beyond. What‘s inside your product?
Have you asked yourself how it‘s been made and what materials have been used?

Choosing the right materials

We want to respect all living beings when making our products. Wool and down are the materials with animal origins that we use the most, and we take special care to ensure that the sheep, ducks and geese are treated humanely. 100% of the down we use is certified by the Responsible Down

Standard (RDS), which checks every step of the supply chain to ensure no animals are mistreated.
Salewa’s wool insulations are made with Tyrolean wool coming directly from our backyard, the Dolomites, and supporting local farmers.

Making better textile factories

We promote safe and fair working conditions by empowering workers and creating solid relationships with our partners. We have been awarded with the “Leader” status by Fair Wear Foundation for our exceptional work in monitoring and improving working conditions.

» Buy from brands you trust

Be aware of what you buy and the commitment of the brands you are buying from. Go deeper, look behind the product.

» Rent or borrow

If you don‘t go to the mountains often, you might not need to buy brand new products for your excursion. Rent the equipment you need or borrow from a friend!

Yes, renting

Some of our shops offer a rental service for technical mountain equipment and our most specialized retailers offer product testing before your purchase. Talk to our staff to get tips and advice to make your purchase 100% worth it!


Take care
of your product.

Society’s biggest sustainability challenge right now is overconsumption. We produce technical mountain sports apparel and equipment for passionate mountaineers. Our task is to make them responsibly.

Our highest priorities are quality, durability and safety – we want our products to be your long-lasting companions. To achieve this, our experts work to select the best materials, choose the most efficient production processes and provide the finest service for you.

Going from the traditional “take, make and dispose” thinking to a circular business model is the best way to reduce the environmental impact of our industry. This means for example making production efficient, recycling materials, designing long-lasting products and extending their lifetime even more by repairing them. We are doing our best to go in this direction and our team is working on several different projects.

Once you buy your product, it is in your hands and it is your turn to take care of it and use it responsibly. Your products need maintenance, just like your car, your bike or your house.

» When doing laundry:

Keep the temperature down

The lower the temperature, the less your clothes get damaged and fewer fibers are released into the water. 30°
is just fine!

Fill it up

More microfibers are released when the machine is at half-load.

Use liquid detergent

Liquid detergent instead of powder. And avoid high pH detergents.

Let your clothes drip-dry

Drying machines cause large amounts of microfiber release and are huge energy consumers!

Simply wash less

Wash your clothes and home textiles only when really necessary.


Microfibers are tiny textile fragments (less than 10 micrometers). All fabrics (natural and synthetic) shed microfibers during production and use, but synthetic microfibers like polyester and nylon are our main focus as part of our broad concern about plastic pollution, because

of the risks associated to human health, and the long degradation process of
the materials. We are studying possible solutions for the materials we use. What‘s extremely important is taking care of your products to reduce pollution, especially when washing.

» Stay dry

Time and use can reduce your garment‘s ability to repel water.
When your jacket or shoes are no longer keeping the water out, reapply a spray-on or wash-in water repellency treatment and keep using them! Grangers® offers high quality PFC-free treatments.


PFCs are a type of chemical used to make products resistant to water. Unfortunately, they’ve been linked to negative health effects in humans and wildlife. We are eliminating and replacing these substances with alternatives (PFC-free) that are kinder to the environment.

» Don‘t throw away your worn clothes, recycle them

Use your imagination and give your used clothes a new purpose. Or look for recyc- ling possibilities and take-back programs close to home.

Recycling & Upcycling

Some of our products are made from recycled fibers, this is why it‘s important for you to recycled your old clothes! We‘re also creating products from production leftovers, reusing materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.

» Repair your product

Everyone deserves a second chance! If your product breaks, don‘t throw it away. Get it fixed. And use product warranty services. Our brands offer favourable product warranty services. Register your product online and find out more.

Care & Repair

Our brands offer repair services, product lifetime guarantee on bindings and resoling service for climbing shoes. You can also buy spare parts on our websites or at our shops.


Go out into
the mountains.

We love spending most of our time working and living outside and in the mountains.
This makes us feel particularly responsible to protect nature. Go outside and enjoy the mountains, but leave no trace!

» Leave your car at home

Take your bike, go by foot or take public transportation. If none of these options work, opt for car-pooling with your friends.

» Keep it simple

Travel close to home. Take your water bottle with you and fill it up with pure, fresh alpine water from fountains or at the hut.

» Leave nature untouched

Maintain a quiet presence and leave bugs and flowers just as nature offers.

» Clean up

Take a bag and some gloves with you on your hike. Fill the bag up with all the rubbish you find along the path


A mission
we all believe in.

We believe sustainability is not some distant goal, but a mindset, reflected in our immediate daily actions and choices. It’s about how every one of us chooses to do things. Every day.

We’re constantly learning and improving the way we do sustainability. We revise and update our strategy based on the feedback we receive from you and from all our other stakeholders. This helps us set our direction. Sustainability is about constantly evolving. We’re always trying to get better. And we think the best way to do this is to be transparent: to talk about what we’re doing and share the results. You can read all about our latest achievements in our Sustainability Report on

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